BotUniversity UG

BotUniversity UG

Firmengründung: 2018
Branche: IT-Berufe
Standorte: Bremen
Beschäftigte national/internat.: (/)

Training of Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires an immense amount of labeled data in order to meet the high accuracy requirements of industry applications. Therefore, a need for huge labeled datasets with a high quality is omnipresent, however it takes too much time and too many resources to create them internally.

We are a service provider for AI teaching and data labeling. Together with local students from German Universities, we rapidly create labeled datasets in closed and secure environments. To ensure the highest possible teaching quality, we provide excellent training to students from the specific field of industry application that matches the task. This also enables us to complete sophisticated tasks. By dividing the workload on more workers than it would be possible internally, we multiply the pace of the labeling process, while you can focus on strategic decisions and the creation of Neural Networks.

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BotUniversity UG
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Leon Büchter
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